Gran Duo (for 2 guitars) 2004



Soon to be Published: DAPrint, Omaha NE Duration 15'

Premiere Mvt. II: April 24, 2004, College of Charleston: Marco Sartor and Marc Regnier (pictured above), Mvt. I not performed yet.

Program notes:

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Title page

Mvt. I sample pages

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Program notes

The notes for this work began life years ago as a sketch for a concerto for solo guitar and orchestra (which I've about decided I shall never complete), and later the last (2nd) movement was performed once some years ago by Marc Regnier, guitar,and Wing Ho, violist in a duet version. Later Mr. Regnier began harassing me to reconstitute this work for guitar duo, and finally, early in this year (2004), in some supernatural burst of energy, I did so. The first movement utilizes many strident flamenco guitar effects and devices incased in reflective lyric beauty. The second (last) movement becomes in this reincarnation, a kind of wild duel to the death interrupted a couple of times with some melodic relief from the driving rhythms.