This is a time in which (as a friend remarked to me when the CD of my piano sonatas was released) nobody listens to recordings anymore. ("One just slaps a disk into the player to have going while they do something else.")

Being as "guilty" of this as most, I find myself more and more interested in composing, and offering works which are for people to play. (Rather then pieces to pop in to the player while they vacuum or do the dishes.) Gebrauchsmusik in other words. Thus this page is a list of works of mine that I would place in such a category: some works for children or beginning musicians which can be used for classroom instruction (Fugue for Percussion), or children' chorus (The Owl and the Nightingale), others would be suitable for most church choirs (Psalm 134), or young students (Duet for Two Recorders, Duet for Two Flutes), recitals (Through a Mountain Meadow), high school level, or one of the 4 piano sonatas for an ambitious college student. Several of the organ works could be used (have been performed) during or before and/or after church services or for organ recitals.

Many of these works may be downloaded from this web site as Adobe pdf letter-sized pages. The works available as pdf files are also available in larger, easier to read, professionally bound copies for a modest fee. There are many works in the hopper ready to be put on this page. I'll get them up as soon as possible.

Through a Mountain Meadow Piano solo  

Fanfare for the Common Recorder

Duet for 2 Flutes

Duet No. 1 (for One Piano 4 hands)

Music for Children